Earth & Fire closes. . . . . . . . . .

Earth and Fire Ceramic Fair was one of the country’s premier ceramic events. Started in 1994 at Rufford Abbey it moved to the Welbeck Estate in 2017

Each year Earth & Fire showcased over 130 potters from across the UK and mainland Europe who came to sell direct to the public from outdoor market stalls.

The last Earth & Fire took place in 2019 and so much has happened since then it almost feels like a different life. In 2019 no one had heard of COVID-19 and the idea of the whole world being told to stay at home would have been the stuff of sci-fi novels and a far cry from everyday life. Much has changed and some things will never ‘return to normal’.

In addition to COVID-19, since Brexit ,our international friends, such an important part of Earth & Fire, have found the red tape and additional costs of showing in the UK a barrier too far.

The prospect of trying to return to what we were doing in 2019 doesn’t feel right and after 27 years Earth & Fire has closed down. There are now new events on the calendar and it feels an apposite time time to stop.

The mailing list and facebook page will remain active to post details of potters’ events you may find of interest.

To both potters and visitors – Thank you for all your support over the years.

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